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“TRES JOLIE coffee delights and pastry” was established in 2016 aiming to produce and distribute innovative confectionery products and is accommodated in contemporary installations in the region of PIERIA (Northern Greece). The company operates under hygienic and safety conditions with the ISO certification and HACCP quality assurance system. The products are stored according to the recommended temperature and humidity conditions and their quality control is based on expiry date and LOT number checks of each product. Our space is distinguished by its ergonomics and functionality, while all contemporary safety standards for our employees and the produced items are observed on the whole. TRES JOLIE’s mission is to provide its customers with high-quality products and services with consistency and quality. To reach this goal constant market research takes place so as to expand the range of its products, to develop an increasingly more effective and productive sales and distribution network and to offer high-quality technical knowledge. TRES JOLIE’ s top priority is to produce and distribute high-quality products, continuously researching the market needs, in order both to create new luscious flavors and to stand up to the constantly evolving consumer preferences. Having this avant-garde spirit, TRES JOLIE faithfully and actively adheres to the fundamental principle it has set from day one: to always be one step ahead, so all of you can trust us in your every step andto be a stable partner for the development of your business...

Coffe Delights

Coffee flavoring syrups by TRES JOLIE beautifully enhance the taste of coffees and beverages in a natural way.


Confectionery, jams, mix for soft ice cream, fruit jellies, pastries, glaze slices, always with the quality and high standards of Tresjoliepastry


A spicy flavored seasoning with the density and texture of a vinegar-based sauce. It looks like grape molasses, but its taste is actually sour sweet. Balsamic cream sauce by TRESJOLIE is an exceptional suggestion to highlight your talent in cookery. Its high fruit content and thick texture are bound to make your creations outstanding, giving unspeakable taste to each and every one of them.


Jam is both one of the main ingredients for a nutrient and sweet breakfast and one of the basic substances for numerous desserts. Most basically, it has been one of the sweetest memories of our childhood for many generations now